good welds

How can you tell a good welder?

The welding machine is the most indispensable device on the construction site and in the household. Most people mistakenly imagine the welding machine as a bulky elector mechanical unit, but today there are also compact devices of the inverter or transformer type. How to choose a welding machine-read the review article from the Backit service. […]

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what is an inverter welder

Inverter Welding Information

 Inverter welder vs transformer: An inverter welding current source (IIST, Welding inverter) is one of the modern types of welding arc power supply. Inverter sources of welding current for all types of welding are arranged in the same way. The difference is only in the generated current-voltage characteristic. Therefore, it is possible to produce universal […]

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Plastic Welding Machine

                Plastic Welding Machine     Metal is not the only substance that can be welded – plastics can be welded also, using an ultrasonic welding machine, and in fact, many of the articles which we take for granted in the modern world are created partly or wholly using this process. Welding plastics by using an […]

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