RATING OF THE BEST WELDING INVERTERS Inverter-welding-machine The improvement of metal welding technologies and equipment has expanded the range of persons performing welding work. If previously this was done exclusively by professionals, today it is also available to amateurs to combine metals. Responding to their demand, manufacturers flooded the market with a variety of […]

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How to choose a welding machine for body repair

 How to choose a welding machine for body repair:                                           welding body panels   The car body is the element most often subject to damage in an accident. To restore the body of the vehicle, use a semi-automatic welding machine for bodywork. welding machine Content: 1 Classification and marking of welding machines 1.1 AC power […]

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argon welding machine


                    WHAT IS ARGON WELDING                                  WELDING TECHNOLOGY The expression “argon welding” adopted in everyday life is fundamentally incorrect. Argon itself is an inert gas and does not directly connect the two metal parts. There is another concept – welding in an inert environment, where argon […]

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Plastic Welding Machine

                Plastic Welding Machine     Metal is not the only substance that can be welded – plastics can be welded also, using an ultrasonic welding machine, and in fact, many of the articles which we take for granted in the modern world are created partly or wholly using this process. Welding plastics by using an […]

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