What Is An Inverter Welder: Inverter Welding Machine Advantages!

Inverter welding machine advantages!

The improvement of metal quality welding machine technologies and equipment has expanded the range of persons performing welding work.

what is an inverter welder

If previously this was done exclusively by professionals, today it is also available to amateurs to combine metals.

Responding to their demand, manufacturers flooded the market with a variety of equipment models. Low cost, diverse functionality, and a huge range of portable welding machines, by no means, simplify the choice and become a serious obstacle for the inexperienced user.

A detailed analysis of the features of the most popular models will help beginners make the right choice and buy the most suitable option for themselves.

This review is aimed at amateurs who use welding machines for their own purposes.

The group of products for commercial use is not considered here.


  • Eurolux IWM190-the most inexpensive welding inverter
  • KRÜGER WIK-250/WIK-300 for practicing welders
  • Budget model FUBAG IR 200
  • MMA VRD 200 by Wester
  • Resanta SAI 220 to the dacha
  • Resanta SAI 190PROF
  • Afterburner 161-inexpensive and high-quality welding inverter
  • Consistently sought after Svarog PRO ARC 160 (Z211S)
  • Cedar MIG 160GDM for various jobs
  • The most expensive model rating: Torus 200C Super
  • Simple and reliable BLUE WELD Prestige 186 PRO
  • We draw conclusions together.

Eurolux IWM190-the most inexpensive welding inverter

As it is clear from the subtitle, the main advantage of the model is its low cost. It varies in a solid range of values: from 3.5 to 6.5 thousand rubles, depending on the region of residence.

what is an inverter welder

A large share of the costs is logistics costs, which determines such a significant price spread. Naturally, in budget models, cheap components are used and equipment breakdowns are not excluded.

In fairness, it should be noted that by that time the inverter will already return the funds invested in it.

Who might be interested in this offer?

The device is specially designed for beginners who plan to learn the basics of the profession. It deserves the attention of all users, without exception, for whom performance is not the determining parameter.

The Eurolux IWM190 can be left unused for a long time without fear of loss of functionality. The reason for this is the minimal set of technical capabilities of the device.

There is also a significant drawback: the holders, clips, and cables included in the kit are of poor quality. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase accessories of the best level of performance.


  • Adjustment of 10-190 A.
  • Manufactured on the basis of IGBT transistors.
  • The welding speed is high.
  • Ventotverstiya in the case for cooling.
  • It operates at a voltage of 160-245 V.

KRÜGER WIK-250/WIK-300 for practicing welders

The KRÜGER WIK-250 and WIK-300 welding machines belong to the generation of modern inverters designed for experienced professionals.

what is an inverter welderr

Only they will be able to appreciate all the possibilities of the development of German engineers. In addition to the traditionally high build quality, they are also endowed with excellent reliability.

The devices work steadily even in conditions of unstable power supply. Users can use the “Anti-jamming”, “Arc Afterburner” and “Hot start” functions. Thanks to this, all the work can be done at a decent level.

The operating range of the WIK-250 model is enclosed in the range from 20 to 250 amps, which makes it possible to perform the vast majority of welding operations.

If you need more power, then you should pay attention to a more productive analog – WIK-300, the upper amperage of which is 300A.

Both models of the well-known Kruger brand are based on IGBT transistors. This ensures fine-tuning of the equipment and its smooth operation in almost any condition.

The robust housing reliably protects the interior from shocks, excessive moisture, and dust.

It is not superfluous to recall that the generally accepted quality standards in Germany apply not only too expensive products but also to products that are available to customers.

Quality assurance has long been the hallmark of German manufacturers. Among other advantages of welding inverters WIK-250 and WIK-300, it is necessary to highlight the small size.

The welder will become an indispensable assistant for specialists with a traveling nature of work. This is also facilitated by a relatively small weight – only 5 kg.

Customers will also be pleased with the price. It is acceptable not only for professionals who earn money by welding but also for beginners who are taking their first steps in this field.

It should also be emphasized the maximum configuration. The price of the offer includes powerful cables, a shoulder strap for easy carrying, a hammered brush, and a mask.

Among the disadvantages, consumers note only the lack of a transport case.


  • Current adjustment in the range of 20-250A.
  • Easy arc start.
  • Stabilization of the welded arc during operation.
  • Protection against sticking of the electrode is provided.
  • Automatic protection against short-circuit, over-current, or over-power.
  • Automatic power and current control.

Budget model FUBAG IR 200

Despite the modest cost, the inverter “outputs” up to 200 amps. It is advisable to use it not only for welding but also for cutting metal workpieces.

what is an inverter welder

In the work, you can use electrodes with a diameter of up to 5 mm, which makes it possible to perform almost all work on the household plot or in the apartment.

The power unit works well even in conditions of unstable power supply. From the additional functionality, users will be able to take advantage of anti-jamming, arc afterburner, and hot start.

All of them will be useful for both beginners and experienced portable welders.

Getting the equipment into the rating list was largely facilitated by the good assembly and high-quality components.

There are not many disadvantages, but they are there. The most significant is the short period of continuous operation – 4 minutes.

After that, you need to let the inverter cool down for 6 minutes and you can continue. So the unit is not suitable for commercial use.


  • Lightweight.
  • Efficient cooling.
  • Good seam quality.
  • Powerful welding cables.

MMA VRD 200 by Wester

In contrast to the previous model, the VRD 200 is able to work without “smoke breaks” in the mode of up to 120 amps of welding current.

In other words, the equipment will be of interest to those who have to work a lot and often.

It is worth noting that this rule does not apply to operations with electrodes with a diameter of 5 mm. In this case, you will have to find time for breaks.

The maximum current is 200A. Of the additional functions, a standard set can attach, which is typical for most devices of this class: anti-sticking, hot start, and afterburner arc.

In addition, manufacturers have improved the safety of the structure.

The terminal voltage can reduce to a minimum level in situations where the inverter is connected to the mains but not in use.

And only in the case of a load, the voltage increases sharply to the operating parameters.

Based on the operational parameters and cost (approximately 11 thousand rubles), the Wester MMA-VRD 200 can safely attribute to the number of amateurs, but quite reliable and functional models.


  • Hot start – an increase in the current when the electrode touches the surface.
  • The fast and furious arc helps the droplet to break away from the stem electrode.
  • The “Anti-sticking” function reduces the welding current to separate the stuck electrode.
  • Operation in a wide voltage range: 150-240V.

Resanta SAI 220 to the dacha

The well-known Latvian brand has long earned a reputation in the domestic market as a manufacturer of affordable and sufficiently high-quality welding equipment.

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of a particular model. The SAI 220 welding inverter is popular among amateur and novice welders.

The maximum that the welder gives is 220 amps. This is enough to use electrodes with a diameter of up to 5 mm, as well as to cut metal of medium thickness.

Without a break, it can run for 7 minutes out of 10, i.e. 7 minutes running and 3 minutes cooling down.

And so on through the cycle. However, the” dacha ” model was called for another reason.

It works perfectly at an unstable voltage in the power supply network and can withstand fluctuations from 160 to 260 volts.

However, buyers note a decrease in the quality of the assembly of inverters in recent years.

Another drawback is the demanding nature of the equipment. It is undesirable to allow its waterlogging or hypothermia, as this is fraught with a rapid failure of the nodes.

Despite such significant disadvantages, the SAI 220 remains in the list of the most popular welding machines and rightfully takes its place in the compiled rating.


  • It is made on IGBT transistors.
  • Equipped with “ANTI STICK” and “HOT START” functions.
  • Forced cooling.
  • The belt for transportation.
  • Overheating protection is provided.
  • No maintenance is required.
  • Protection class IP21.

Resanta SAI 190PROF

Another representative of the same brand, the demand for which is not decreasing, but only growing. This is one of the best-selling models in the AIS line.

Its operational characteristics are more than enough for household-level equipment, and the relatively low cost makes the installation popular among different categories of users.

The compact, easy-to-use welding inverter delivers 190-ampere pulses. The main difference, which is highly appreciated by customers – is the ability to perform welding work with a voltage of only 100 volts.

It was this technological solution that made it possible to bring the model to the rating list.

The possibility of welding in conditions of poor power supply has become more important for potential buyers.


  • Lightweight.
  • The voltage range is 100-260V.
  • The operating temperature is from -10 to +40 degrees.
  • Anti Stick, Hot Start, and “ARC FORCE” functions.
  • Shockproof housing.
  • Smooth adjustment of the welding current.
  • Light arson.

Afterburner 161-inexpensive and high-quality welding inverter

A great choice for beginners and those who like to work with metal. Everyone who has had to deal with this model, notes the excellent price-to-quality ratio.

The inverter is unlikely to interest buyers with a particularly attractive design or unusual performance characteristics.

But for a relatively small amount of money, each buyer will get a reliable unit for MMA or TIG welding.

The maximum welding current is 160 amps, but without interruptions for cooling the equipment, you can cook at a value of this indicator of 100A. no problems will arise in cases of a decrease in the mains voltage up to 140 volts.

It is worth emphasizing that the inverter perfectly holds the arc, and it is ignited very easily.

Such a feature will be of great importance for beginners and few practicing welders.


  • Compact, lightweight device.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Power supply from autonomous power plants with a capacity of 9 kV·A.
  • Connecting the inverter to the network from 160 V.
  • Argon arc welding.
  • Easy ignition of the arc.
  • The ability to work with electrodes with a diameter of up to 4 mm.
  • The shutdown of welding in case of mains voltage drops and overheating.
  • Additional functions “Fast and furious arc”, “Hot start”, “Anti-jamming”.
  • The maximum power is 5.5 kVA.
  • Long service life.

Consistently sought after Svarog PRO ARC 160 (Z211S)

In the same price segment is another very reliable device – SVAROG PRO ARC 160.

The brand will represent the domestic market for more than five years and is one of a small number of companies that provide a five-year warranty for their products.

In addition to the low price, the device can characterize good functionality and build quality. It generates current with a power of up to 160 amps and is immune to voltage fluctuations in the power supply network.

This model can use for MMA welding or metal surfacing. But if necessary, it can also be used for TIG welding, complete with a valve burner.

Among other advantages – are anti-sticking of the electrodes and a hot start.

The digital display provided on the case has a sufficient degree of brightness, and the information is easy to read even in sunny weather.

All the advantages of the inverter allow it to stay at the top of the best among budget offers.


  • Argon arc welding.
  • Easy ignition and fast and the furious arc.
  • High stability of arc burning.
  • Lightweight and size.
  • Carry with a shoulder strap.
  • EFFICIENCY – 85 %.

Cedar MIG 160GDM for various jobs

Among the best devices in terms of price and quality, the MIG 160GDM Cedar is rightfully located.

The semi-automatic machine is used to perform a variety of tasks. It can use in MIG or MAG modes in conjunction with the filler wire.

If there are jobs where you can not do without argon TIG welding, then you do not have to look for any other inverter.

The MIG 160 GDM copes with these tasks perfectly. But it should note that you will not be able to work with aluminum or aluminum-containing metals.

Only the TIG DC mode can implement here, and AC will require for aluminum. The arc parameters will set automatically to the equipment without operator intervention, based on the welding mode.

This feature will especially appeal to beginners, who at first do not have to choose the settings for a specific job.

Among the disadvantages, you should pay attention to a small cycle of continuous operation. This applies to cases where electrodes with a diameter of 4-5 millimeters can use.

You can, of course, work continuously with 3 mm electrodes. But then the capabilities of the device can significantly reduce.

Nevertheless, the MIG 160GDM cedar can safely attribute as the best unit presented in this rating.


  • Power consumption – 6.1 kVA.
  • Voltage regulation.
  • One-button configuration of parameters.
  • A microprocessor.
  • The fast and the furious-arc.
  • Hot Start.
  • High build quality.
  • Long service life.

The most expensive model rating: Torus 200C Super

Difficulties in choosing a purchase option can cause not only by a large range of products but also by prices.

Sometimes they are unacceptably high. Especially if we are talking about variants that can perform work in MMA and TIG modes.

Such models on store shelves can accompany to high price tags, and sellers and manufacturers in unison will justify the additional functionality of the devices can sell.

The exception to this unpleasant rule was the Torus 200S Super welding inverters.

They can design to work in both modes, generate a welding arc with a force of 200 amperes, and cost about 15,000 rubles.

The manufacturer declares the possibility of continuous operation even at maximum loads, provided that no thick metal can weld.

And welders with experience in various forums leave positive reviews about the functionality and reliability of the device.

The model will interest not only beginners but also experienced craftsmen. It easily ignites the arc and keeps it stable throughout the entire cycle.

At the same time, it does not matter which of the modes can set the controller – TIG or MMA.


  • Lightweight and dimensions.
  • Resistance to voltage changes – 165-242 V.
  • Use of electrodes with a diameter of up to 5 mm.
  • Direct current.
  • PV – 100% at 200A.
  • Thermostat and air cooling.

Simple and reliable BLUE WELD Prestige 186 PRO

The semi-automatic BLUE WELD Prestige 186 PRO in the rating of the best budget welding inverters is not accidental.

It has the ability to work in two modes-MMA or TIG, while it can characterize the simplicity and reliability of operation. But to a greater extent, it is suitable for performing work that requires MMA mode.

Therefore, it is perfect for those specialists who rarely have to resort to TIG welding in practice. Otherwise, you will have to face the problem of poor quality of the seams obtained in this mode of operation.

The maximum power of the welding equipment is 160 amps. Under the conditions of the maximum permissible load, it can work out 60% of the cycle.

That is, 6 minutes of welding work can perform, and 4 minutes will spend on cooling the power plant.

The tool is convenient for specialists with a traveling nature of work since its weight is only 5 kg. But there is one important circumstance that explains this paradox.

The fact is that the model will assemble in Italy, and high-quality components can use in its production.

So, unlike the Chinese counterparts, the price also includes payment for European quality standards.

Judging by the user reviews, this is true. The device can characterize good build quality and reliability.


  • Lightweight and dimensions.
  • High stability of the welding current.
  • The Function “Arc Force”, “Hot Start”, “Anti stick”.
  • Practicality and ease of use.

We draw conclusions together

The rating intentionally does not include professional models. The emphasis has shifted towards amateur equipment for a reason.

Specialists themselves will figure out what is suitable for them, and which welding inverter should not buy under any circumstances.

The review will design for beginners and welding enthusiasts who still do not have enough experience to independently choose the most suitable model.

In addition, professional equipment will cost significantly more. The cheapest deals for this segment will not be lower than $ 300.

And now let’s try to draw conclusions for ourselves. Most of the imported equipment on the domestic market is produced in China.

So there is no fundamental difference in which model to give preference to – imported or domestic-no.

The level of performance will be approximately the same since domestic installations can often make there as well.

Therefore, beginners should not pay too much attention to the” pedigree ” of the inverter.

It is better to carefully familiarize yourself with the functionality of the device, which can describe in sufficient detail in the passport of welding equipment.

After all, there is no clear answer that one of the devices presented in the rating is better, and the other is worse.

It all depends on the purpose for which it will purchase, the conditions of the power supply, and its operation. And, of course, the determining factor at the initial stage is the cost.

From this point of view, the review contains a maximum of information that will definitely help you decide on a choice.

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