Gas welding

What Is Gas Welding Process: How It Works?

gas welding

Selection and configuration of the gas welding and cutting machine, main characteristics and additional equipment

Welding and cutting of metals with the help of combustible gases were invented a long time ago, but it is still used today.

The burner, which is one of the main elements of the equipment for processing metals with gas, has the function of smooth regulation of flame modes.

This helps to change the exposure temperature, which makes the equipment suitable for the oxyfuel gas welding process most types of metals. The technology on the basis of which these equipment works allows you to use it without connecting to the power grid.

This is useful when you have to work in places where there is no electricity. This article will tell you about the technology of gas welding and cutting, as well as about the equipment (apparatuses) that are used for it.

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General information

Equipment selection parameters and their characteristics

Burner or cutter for gas welding


Gas reduction gear



General information

gas welding machine

Gas welding and metal cutting technology is a technique for processing metal objects using flammable gases. Most often, a mixture of oxygen and acetylene is used. However, acetylene can be replaced by other gases (methane, hydrogen).

The combustibles are supplied in special cylinders and are supplied separately. This welding is also used in the XXI century, because it does not need power from the power grid. And in this age, there are still interruptions.

The principle of operation of the technology is simple. Cylinders are connected to the burner by hoses. The working gases are mixed already in the burner. The mixture fed into the nozzle is ignited.

The combustion of the working gas reaches 3000°C. Gorenje This temperature is sufficient for processing many types of metals. The seam web is created either by fusing the edges or by using a filler rod.

To perform gas welding or cutting work, you need to assemble a welding post.

It includes a cylinder with oxygen, a cylinder with acetylene or its substitute, a gearbox, two hoses (for oxygen, always use blue), and a working element (burner or cutter).

No welding machine is included in the post. The technology of gas welding does not need such units, because it is arranged according to other principles.

Any welding machine is powered by electricity, and the main advantage of this type of welding is working without electricity. Therefore, the very terms “gas welding machine” or “gas cutting machine” are misleading.

When working with gas welding or metal cutting, the term “set of gas welding equipment” or “welding post” is more accurate.

Parameters of equipment selection and its characteristics gas

welding with a special device

Since the kit for gas welding or cutting is a prefabricated device, the components must be selected carefully enough.

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Therefore, this article provides a list of the main parts of the kit and the parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing.

Burner or cutter for gas welding

gas welding machine

The main element in the kit is a burner (cutter). This is a working part into which combustible substances are fed. In it, they are mixed into the welding mixture and fed through the nozzle in the form of a flame.

The burner is used to adjust the welding mode – the feed level of the mixture. This regulates the power of the fire tongue, adjusting the temperature to suit a particular type of metal.

Thus, it is possible to weld those metals whose melting point does not exceed three thousand degrees.

In this case, the burner is used for non – bar welding of metals, and the cutter is used for cutting them.

There are burners and torches with different capacities. For small home welding, low-power parts are enough, which will be light and small-sized, more convenient to work with.

It is pointless to buy a burner with high capacities for your home – you will not be able to use all its potential in a small portable welding machine, and the size and weight will complicate long-term work.

Most burners are designed for a mixture of oxygen and acetylene, and torches are designed for oxygen and propane. This is also worth paying attention to.

Hose for gas welding machine

gas welding machine

Hoses are a part of a portable welding machine that is used to supply flammable substances to the working element. To assemble one post, you need two hoses, according to the number of cylinders.

The hoses are color-coded: red is used for acetylene, blue for oxygen.

These parts are made of flexible, durable rubber. In the case of gasoline or kerosene, it is necessary to use gas-resistant hoses.

The length of the hoses varies. It is necessary to take a hose of one or another length, depending on the volume of gas cylinders. Larger capacities allow you to perform a larger amount of work.

Most likely, with a short hose, they will have to be dragged as they run. At the same time, containers with a volume of up to ten liters are designed for a small amount of work, and a long hose is not required here.

Gas welding machine:

gas welding machine

Reduction gear reducer for gas welding machine

The gearbox is an element of gas flow and pressure control. It is installed in the device on the cylinder and stabilizes the pressure to the operating level.

It is important to remember that this element is not designed to completely cancel the pressure. It can only reduce and stabilize it.

The gas gearbox is equipped with two sensors – through them the adjustment is made. The first sensor is responsible for the pressure, the second for the flow rate. The use of the gearbox is intuitive and simple.

The models of gearboxes are different depending on the fuel for which they are intended. And when deciding which one to take, you need to pay attention to it.

For example, an acetylene reducer has a black color. The use of a device intended for another substance is not allowed.

Gas cylinders

As already mentioned, there are two cylinders in the welding station. One is filled with acetylene or its substitute, the second is filled with oxygen. Containers for flammable substances also have color markings that allow you to distinguish their contents.

Each cylinder is equipped with a valve used to supply gas. A gearbox is installed on it, to which the hose is supplied. The other side of the hose is connected to the working element-the burner or the cutter.

For small home welding, it is better to use small containers with a small volume. They are small and have a small weight, which makes them easier to transport. Using low-volume cylinders, the entire kit can be placed in the trunk of a car.

Professional welding requires more voluminous cylinders – about forty liters. They are more massive, and therefore the places of their use are limited. They are more difficult to transport.

The difficulty of moving the machine during welding can be solved by connecting longer hoses. The metal from which the valve on the cylinder is made is also important.

It is better to equip oxygen tanks with a brass valve, and acetylene tanks with steel.

It is forbidden to change their places, as well as to use a copper valve for a cylinder with acetylene or its substitute.


Gas welding has remained a popular type of metalworking for many years. It is easy to use. It does not require power from the mains or a welding generator.

In order to weld or cut metal with gas, you need to assemble a welding post from a pair of cylinders and hoses, a burner and a gearbox. This kit does not include any gas apparatus – there are no such devices.

Machines for such welding and cutting are a myth, a delusion of beginners. For gas treatment, you only need a welding post kit and a welder.

When choosing parts for the post, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the models and the assembly. The cylinders must have a technical passport.

The burner or cutter must be selected with care. These devices are responsible for mixing and supplying gases to the working area. Safety during welding and the health of the worker depends on it.

High-quality parts not only improve the reliability of the connection but also protect against injuries.

Types of gas welding equipment for gas welding

Every worker who performs gas welding must have gas welding equipment for gas welding. It includes a certain set of necessary simple tools, which is a plus of such equipment.

Diagram of a homemade welding machine.

A little bit about gas welding

Gas welding is a process in which the parts to be welded are heated due to the combustion temperature of the combustible gas in oxygen.

The technology of gas cutting of metals.

Gas-oxygen cutting is a process in which a metal is divided due to its heating to the ignition temperature using a flame from the gas. In this case, oxides that were formed due to the energy of the flow of dissecting oxygen are removed.

Today, gas welding is one of the most common types of work. Indeed, the technology of this type of welding is used in such areas: construction, agriculture, mechanical engineering, and others. This suggests that while there is nothing to replace gas welding, that is, it will be used for a long time. Therefore, gas welding equipment remains in demand. It is used by all large enterprises, although the price of such equipment is not low.

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What is included in the gas welding equipment

The main function of using gas equipment for welding is to connect or cut metal objects. It divides:

Diagram of the injection gas cutter.

For stationary (used in enterprises when metal parts are brought to these devices for their connection).);

on manual (when, on the contrary, the welding machine is delivered to the place of work).

Because of this, the main requirement for the manual is a small weight and capacity. This is necessary so that it can be easily transported.

So, the equipment for gas welding and cutting includes the following tools:

  • blowtorches
  • cutters
  • gas welding torches
  • cylinders, generators
  • gas gearboxes
  • pressure gauges
  • hoses (hoses) for gas
  • Gas cutter device

The device of the gas cutter.

To better understand their features, you need to familiarize yourself with each of the tools.

When gas welding and cutting, almost the same equipment is used. They differ in that torches are equipment for gas cutting of metal, and torches – for welding, for connection. Torches are more often used when working with propane, and burners – with acetylene (not taking into account oxygen). These tools are easy to use and can be easily transported. A feature of such devices is the ability to regulate the supply of gases, which affects the temperature of the fire.

Of course, cutting and welding equipment cannot do without cylinders that contain gas under pressure. The sizes of gas cylinders can be varied: from small to large. Their difference is in volume, weight, and pressure.

The kit should also include valves (gas reducers), which are put on the cylinders to close and control the gas supply. The main purpose of such a device is not to reduce the pressure to zero, but to optimize it.

Also, when welding gas hoses are used, they are also called hoses, which perform the function of transferring gas from the cylinder to the burner. Most often, they are made of rubber in order to ensure the flexibility of this equipment. They should also belong because the cylinders cannot always be brought to the object to perform work, and are strong to withstand the pressure of the gas.

Naturally, when welding gas, you will need pressure gauges and flow meters, with which the force of the gas is measured.

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gas welding machine

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Advantages of gas welding equipment

Alternative equipment for gas welding is an electric welding machine. Gas welding equipment has several advantages: the ability to control the degree of gas supply and the lack of electricity. As a rule, in places where construction takes place, there is no electricity network. And then these devices will come to the rescue.

It is very important to know that when performing such types of work, additional accessories are needed:

special welding glasses (for eye protection);

set of keys for the burner;

copper or wood needle for cleaning the burner mouthpiece;

steel brush to clean the metal to be welded and the seams;


All equipment for welding operations can be purchased separately. However, you will have to fork out a little.

Most importantly, do not forget to observe safety precautions when working with gas welding equipment during welding and cutting.

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