How To Choose Welding Machine: Types Of Welders Job!

types of welders jobs

How to Choose Welding Machine Types? The structure and operation. A welding machine is an electrical device with which welding can perform. It is this process that provides a long-lasting and reliable fastening of metal parts. With the help of welding, a huge number of works can perform in various fields, ranging from microelectronics to … Read more

Multi Process Welder ac dc for Home and Garden: Mig, Tig & Stick!

multi process welder ac/dc

Multi process welder ac dc is the  best welding machines for manual arc welding, protective gas welding, semi-automatic and argon arc welding. Only inverter models are considered, since their performance characteristics (preventing the electrode from sticking, easy to ignite, stably holds the arc) and price are most suitable for home use. We will tell you … Read more

What Is Argon Welding Machine?

argon welding machine

Welding Technology: Argon Welding Machine!   The expression “argon welding machine” adopted in everyday life is fundamentally incorrect. Argon itself is an inert gas and does not directly connect the two metal parts. There is another concept – welding in an inert environment, where argon or other gas serves as a protection and prevents the … Read more

List Of Different Types Of Welding Machines Explained In Detail!

Types of welding machines   Advantages and disadvantages of devices, selection rules, rating of the best models: Modern welding machines amaze with their variety. There are a large number of types of welding machines on the market, from which each user can choose the best welding machine for effective and safe use. To do this, … Read more

Inverter Welder VS Transformer comparison: Which One Is Better?

what is an inverter welder

When you will compare that inverter welder vs transformer then you will read our discuss perfectly because we will give you more information about inverter welder vs transformer comparison. An inverter welding current source (IIST, Welding inverter) is one of the modern types of welding arc power supply. Inverter sources of welding current for all types … Read more

How The Plastic Welding Machine Works?

              Today our discuss topic is plastic welding machine. Read our article and more learn about plastic welding machine. Metal is not the only substance that can be welded – plastics can be welded also, using an ultrasonic welding machine, and in fact, many of the articles which we take … Read more

What Is Gas Welding Process: How It Works?

Gas welding

Selection and configuration of the gas welding and cutting machine, main characteristics and additional equipment Welding and cutting of metals with the help of combustible gases were invented a long time ago, but it can still use today. The burner, which is one of the main elements of the equipment for processing metals with gas, … Read more

What Is The Best Industrial Welding Machine?


There is not a moment of the day when massive metal fabrication projects are not underway somewhere in the world. The modern, technological society of today requires a steady stream of manufactured metal objects, whether as parts for other objects or as finished goods like cars, trucks, railway cars, aircraft, ships, fuel tanks, medical machinery, … Read more

What Are The Types Of Welding Machines And Their Applications!

welding machine types

What Are the Different Types of Welding: Which Is the Best? When someone thinks about buying a quality welding machine, they may not even know what a variety of models and their performance on the market.   This review will show the types of professional welding machines by current sources and welding modes, which will … Read more

How To Choose A Welding Machine? welder’s tips!

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Are you confused how to choose a welding machine? No problem we will give you a proper instruction about it. How can you tell a good welder? The welding machine is the most indispensable device on the construction site and in the household. Most people mistakenly imagine the welding machine as a bulky elector mechanical … Read more