Multi Process Welder Information in 2022

What is multi process welder? Today we will discus about multi process welder.

One of the most widely welding machine used methods of joining metal parts is welding. With the advent of inexpensive modern inverter devices, they have become available not only for professionals but also for amateurs.

We decided to make a review, including the best welding machines of 2022 and making a rating of reliability. The price-quality ratio was also taken into account.

The top welding machines included 10 products:

  1. Fubag IR 200 (MMA) – See where the cheapest is
  2. Wert SWI 190 (TIG, MMA) – See where the cheapest
  3. FoxWeld InverMIG 205 (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA) – See where the cheapest
  4. RESANTA SAI-190K (MMA) – See where the cheapest
  5. Svarog REAL TIG 200 (W223) (TIG, MMA) – See where the cheapest
  6. SPECIAL MAG-170 INVERTOR – MIG/MAG) – See where the cheapest
  7. Svarog REAL ARC 200 (Z238N) (MMA) – See where the cheapest
  8. RESANTA of SAIPA-135 (MIG/MAG, MMA) – to See where the cheapest
  9. Aurora POLO 160 (MIG/MAG) – to See where the cheapest
  10. Wester 140i MIG (MIG/MAG, MMA) – to See where the cheapest

The best welding machine for manual arc welding Fubag IR 200 (MMA)

The model was included in the rating of welding machines for professional use due to the extended current adjustments, which have parameters from 5 to 200 A.

The power of the device reaches 8.1 kW. The equipment provides a stable arc at differences in the network of 150-240 V.

See where it’s cheapest:

  • Fubag IR 200 (MMA)
  • Fubag IR 200 (MMA) current
  • parameters 5-200 A
  • power 8.1 kW.

The welder is designed for both thin and thick metal. You can cook with electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter. The dimensions are relatively small – 340×120×240 mm, weight 4.64 kg.

Fubag is a German brand known worldwide for the quality of its equipment. The Fubag IR 200 (MMA) ignites the arc at the slightest touch of the workpiece with the electrode. They will not have to knock on the structure.

The seam is obtained in quality comparable to that provided by automatic welding installations. The efficiency of the device is 85 %, the duration of switching on at the maximum parameters is 40%. The warranty period is 2 years. They ask for the unit not much, taking into account its characteristics: 5900-8500 rubles.


  • large power reserve
  • Current range 5-200 A
  • the fan does not make any noise
  • stable arc
  • electrodes up to 5 mm
  • smooth tincture of current
  • wide belt


  1. The working part of the cycle at the maximum current is only 40%.

Wert SWI 190 (TIG, MMA) 

Amateur inverter welding with a power of 3.5 kW from the Chinese company Vert. It operates with electrodes with a cross-section of 1.6-4 mm at currents of 20-190 A. Insensitive to input voltage fluctuations in the range of 140-250 V.

See where it’s cheapest:

  • Wert SWI 190 (TIG, MMA)
  • Wert SWI 190 (TIG, MMA)
  • weight 2.4 kg
  • use of argon.

There is a mode of welding under argon. But it is only suitable for stainless steel and carbon steel. It is not suitable for non-ferrous metals. The welder is small in size: 250×103×150 mm, light: 2.4 kg.

It is convenient as a portable due to its low weight and the presence of a belt. It is well suited for homes and cottages, especially if you do not need to work often and spend a lot of money on equipment is not possible.

The cheapest in the review, they ask for only 2700-3000 rubles for the device.For the unit with the possibility of using argon, you can not find a lower price.

The manufacturer gives a warranty for Wert SWI 190 (TIG, MMA) for 1 year. The body is made of steel. The settings are smooth. There is a system of protection against increased load, forcibly turning off the device.


  • good seam quality
  • low-cost model
  • easy
  • little
  • simple settings
  • welding under argon.


  • The anti-sticking function does not work well.

The best universal model for semi-automatic welding FoxWeld InverMIG 205 (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA).

The universal device of the professional level of the new generation.

The metal will be cooked with electrodes at a current of 30-160 A, wire in semi-automatic mode (30-200 A), and also under argon (20-180 A). Use the device is allowed at a voltage in the network of 187-253 V.

See where it’s cheapest:

  • FoxWeld InverMIG 205 (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA)
  • FoxWeld InverMIG 205 (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA)
  • universal

The unit is the most powerful in the review, its efficiency reaches 85%, the turn-on time at the maximum current is 100%.

This means that during operation, you do not have to take breaks to cool down the equipment.

You can use electrodes with a diameter of 1.6-4 mm, as well as a wire of 0.6-1 mm. The model is quite expensive, they ask for 28000-32200 rubles for it.

The sale package includes a burner cable and a gas hose, both 3 m long, and a 1.5 m long ground wire. The spare parts kit includes 2 tips for drawing 0.8 mm wire, 0.8 and 1 mm rollers, as well as a nozzle.

All components are high-quality. The manufacturer has set the warranty period for the device for 3 years, which is very good.

You can recommend buying the FoxWeld InverMIG 205 model (TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA) those people who need a reliable welder for long-term work. According to reviews, it is almost unkillable.


  • 3-year warranty
  • 3 modes
  • operating time at a maximum current of 100%
  • reliable
  • significant in power
  • the optimal combination of price and quality.


  • Expensive

Which welding machine is better to choose

For beginners, the question inevitably arises, how to choose a welding machine. Now all devices are sold by inverter, so this item can not be considered.

Among the important parameters are the following:

Functions. The most popular mode is MMA. This is welding with manual electrodes of ferrous metals.

 TIG means that you can weld aluminum, stainless steel under argon. MIG/MAG-semi-automatic operation with a special wire.

Choose only what you need. For example, if you use the unit rarely, then MIG/MAG is not necessary – it is good for significant volumes, a long seam. Note that the more features, the higher the cost.

Tension. For the house, 3 phases are not needed. The device should be turned on from the household network of 220 V.

It is desirable that the device can withstand drops in the range of 150-250 V, and even more is better.

Welding current. For an amateur, 200 is enough, a maximum of 250 A. If you do not plan to cook thick metal, then you can limit yourself to 140-160 A.

The PV factor. Specified as a percentage. It means how much the device should rest for a 10-minute cycle.

For example, 70% – 7 minutes of work, 3 downtime. For amateurs, a value of 60-70% is quite enough.

The level of protection. Specified by the letters IP. For household purposes, a good choice is protection from vertically falling drops, as well as scale.

This is quite enough. If it starts to rain, it is better to bring the equipment into the room.

Temperature range:

In domestic conditions, there is rarely an urgent need for welding work in winter, in severe frosts. Therefore, it is correct to limit the technique with the possibility of using it at minimum values of-100C and maximum values of 400C.

Powered by an electric generator. Not all inverters can operate from it. Therefore, if you plan to connect the device to it, be sure to check in the specifications whether such a function is provided.

Carrying it:

For the house, it is better to take the equipment is not heavy. Up to 5 kg of equipment is easy to carry directly on the shoulder.

In this case, long power cables are not needed, in addition, there is less risk that debris drawn from the ground by the cooling fan will get inside the device. It is mandatory that the case has a belt mount.

Overheating. Best of all, automatic shutdown in the event of a significant increase in temperature-this will not allow the device to fail.


An important parameter for MMA. Seriously facilitates the development of welding, improves the quality of the seam.


It is better to limit your choice to products of good companies that have proven themselves positively.

We can advise the following brands: Fubag, Resanta, Wert, Svarog, FoxWeld, SPEC, POLO, Wester, Bison, Caliber, Aurora, Cedar, Elitech, Fast and Furious, Brima.

Do not chase the maximum performance, the better they are, the higher the price. You should limit yourself to the set that you really need. It often turns out that a simple and inexpensive device is enough.

Inverter RESANTA SAI-190K (MMA) for beginners

A popular inverter for manual arc welding price are more suitable . It can work at unstable voltage parameters-140-240 V.

The power is 5.5 kW. It is convenient for domestic use in the country. Usually outside the city, the current parameters are not the best. It is optimal for thin sheets with a cross-section of less than 10 mm.

Brand RESANTA SAI-190K (MMA) easily picks up the arc, the ignition is instant. The best choice for beginners with no work experience. There is a function of anti-sticking, if necessary, the afterburner is automatically turned on. The adjustments are convenient and flexible.

The inverter welding machine has a steel casing. It is quite small: 310×135×250 mm, and light: weight 3.55 kg. Power 5.5 kW.

The current is regulated in the range of 10-190 A. You can cook with electrodes up to 5 mm. The cable is only 1 m, so you will need to carry it. The device is available for home use: the cost is 4300-7600 rubles. 1-year warranty.


  • stable arc
  • protection against excessive heat
  • high-quality seam
  • modern IGBT type transistors
  • easy setup
  • electrode up to 5 mm
  • suitable for beginners
  • the work cycle is 70%.


  • The cables are too short.

Model for manual and argon welding Svarog REAL TIG 200 (W223) (TIG, MMA)

Reliable welding inverter with a power of 6.9 kW. Semi-professional in terms of capabilities. With it, the master can work with manual electrodes, as well as argon-arc welding.

The brand itself is known for the quality of the equipment. The device is reliable, has compact dimensions: 423×160×315 mm, but is quite heavy – 7 kg. You can work with 1.5–4 mm electrodes. The seam is smooth and neat.

The case is made of steel, which reliably protects the device from accidental damage. However, this quality is distinguished by almost all Russian welders. The arc is kept stable at a voltage in the network of 160-270 V.

The welding current in the MMA mode is regulated in the range of 10-160 A, TIG-10-200 A.

Efficiency of 85%, switching time of 60%. The insulation can withstand heating up to 1550C. The kit includes cables and a burner. The gas purge time before and after welding in TIG mode can be adjusted.


  • Argon welding
  • Reliable
  • Minimum voltage 160 V
  • High quality manual welding
  • 5-year warranty
  • Stable output current
  • Does not overheat during prolonged operation.


  • Hard cables;
  • There is no shoulder strap.

Welding inverter SPEC MAG-170 INVERTER (MIG/MAG)

The rating of welding inverters for home continues with a powerful machine for welding seams in semi-automatic mode (MIG/MAG).

Power of 6.4 kW. Now among welders, both amateurs and specialists, there is a transition to semi-automatic welding machines. Such devices are the most popular.

They are easier to handle than conventional hand-held units, which is especially important for beginners.

When using manual electrodes, the welding current is 30-150 A, in semi-automatic mode 30-160 A. Powered by a SPECIAL MAG-170 INVERTER (MIG/MAG) from a single-phase network of 220 V. Dimensions 395×285×290 mm, weight 9.8 kg.

Very  good in terms of reliability and quality of the electrical appliance. The case is made of metal. The diameter of the electrodes is 1.6-4 mm, the wire is 0.6-0.8 mm, the coil with it is located inside the device. EFFICIENCY OF 73%. The control is microprocessor-based. There is an overheating indicator.

The scope of delivery includes: an electrode holder, a brush for removing slag. Also included: 2 nozzles (0.6 and 0.8 mm), a cable with a burner, a protective mask with automatic dimming. The unit is worth 11900-15600 rubles.


  • High quality welding
  • Works with coils for 1 and 5 kg
  • Rollers at the bottom for moving on the floor
  • 8 mm wire coil per 1 kg as a gift
  • A small price for a semi-automatic.


  • The quality of the cables is mediocre, the length is only 1.5 m.

Svarog REAL TIG 200 (W223) (TIG, MMA)

The Svarog REAL ARC 200 (Z238N) (MMA) version is simpler, it does not have an argon welding mode. Therefore, it is better to buy it for those who do not need this feature.

The device is an inverter type for domestic use, can be used as a semi-professional. Electric welding is carried out on the forward and reverse polarities.

Efficiency of 85%. The welding current is set in the range of 15-200 A, but for long-term operation, it is undesirable to rise more than 160 A.

The input voltage can range from 160-270 V. Designed for use with 1.5–4 mm electrodes. The power of the unit is 7.1 kW.

The dimensions of the device are 312×136×262 mm, its weight is 4.6 kg. The manufacturer has established a 5-year warranty.


  • High quality of the seam
  • Anti-sticking and hot start functions
  • Reliable
  • 60-month warranty
  • 6th generation IGBT modules
  • Current fluctuations of 160-270 V.


  • There is no carrying strap.

Machine for welding thin sheets RESANTA SAIPA-135 (MIG/MAG, MMA)

Semi-automatic welding machine for thin metal. Provides a current for the electrodes of 10-110 A, in the semi-automatic mode of 30-110 A.

The power of the device is 6, 6 kW. Electric welding is provided at an input voltage of 140-270 V.

For home use, the unit is not very suitable, but it is in demand in auto repair shops because of its adaptability for welding thin sheets of iron.

It is optimal for body repair. The dimensions of the device are 590×230×350 mm, and it is quite heavy: 9.82 kg.

The equipment uses a wire cross-section of 0.6-0.8 mm. The duty cycle at the maximum is 70%. To the device for sale is a cable for the mass and with a burner length of 1.9 m. The brand sets the warranty for 5 years.


  • Reliable wire feed unit
  • Gas-saving solenoid valve
  • Easy and convenient setup
  • Practicality
  • Robust construction
  • Electrode anti-sticking function
  • Quick turn on.


  • Takes steel no thicker than 6 mm.

Semi-automatic for beginners POLO 160 (MIG/MAG)

Inverter convector unit, can be used for welding under protective gas and without it. It is not intended for electrodes.

The device is house hold; it is optimal for small work at home or in the country. It is not intended for large volumes – the switching time at the maximum current is only 15%.

In this respect, the comparison with other models is not in favor of the Aurora POLO 160 (MIG/MAG).

The power is small – 4 kW. Efficiency of 80%. The welding current is regulated in the range of 30-160 A.

The mains voltage should be in the range of 187-253 V. Designed for 0.6–0.9 mm wire. Quite compact for a semi-automatic: 390×170×300 mm, weight 5.5 kg.

The tests show the high quality of the work. This allows the welder to focus only on the process of conducting the seam.

He does not need to master the skills of controlling the device. This makes the equipment suitable for beginners with no experience.

The RUN-IN function is responsible for a soft start, and the BURN-BACK function is responsible for annealing the wire at the end of the work. The cost is 17200-20500 rubles. 1-year warranty.


  • Stable arc
  • Not enough spray
  • Latest generation IGBT inverters
  • Automatic type protection
  • One-button operation for beginners.


  • The sleeve is short.

Popular  with customers  Wester  MIG 140i (MIG/MAG, MMA)

Inverter for manual and semi-automatic welding. The work is carried out at a current of 40-140 A with black and non-ferrous metal.

The equipment gives a smooth, neat seam. According to the documentation, electrodes up to 3.2 mm are most suitable, but operating experience shows that the device pulls up to 4 mm.

The wire is used with a cross-section of 0.6 mm. The power of the unit is 4.7 kW, if compared with analogues, it is not large, but for home purposes it is quite sufficient.

60% operating time at maximum current. There is an indication of switching on and overheating.

The device is reliable. 

The range includes different models, both domestic and professional, so it is quite easy to choose the right model. Dimensions of the Wester MIG 140i (MIG/MAG, MMA) 450×210×340 mm, weight 9 kg.


  • Keeps the current stable
  • 2 modes
  • Quiet
  • A good cooling system
  • Steel body with overlays on the corners


The wire feed mechanism is made of plastic.


Before you buy a welding machine, you need to decide which one is better to choose for your home.

Chasing a lot of features is not worth it. Usually, for household purposes, a device for electrodes with a small power is enough – this is enough to make a frame for grapes, arrange a canopy and fix something.

If you plan to work independently with stainless steel, you will need the argon welding function. The semi automatic welding machine is only needed for a large front of work.

Our review can help determine the most suitable welding machine for home use by suggesting good brands. The article also briefly explains what parameters of welding machines you need to pay attention to when choosing them.

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