How to choose a welding machine for body repair

 Choose a welding machine for body repair Welding Body Panels The car body is the element most often subject to damage in an accident. To restore the body of the vehicle, use a semi-automatic welding machine for bodywork. Welding Machine Content: 1. Classification and marking of welding machines 1.1  AC power supply 1.2  The inverter […]

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multi process welder ac/dc

Welding Machines for Home and Garden

Welding machines for home and garden Rating of  the best welding machines for manual arc welding, protective gas welding, semi-automatic and argon arc welding. Only inverter models are considered, since their performance characteristics (preventing the electrode from sticking, easy to ignite, stably holds the arc) and price are most suitable for home use. . We […]

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Which is the best welding inverters

Which is the best welding inverters Categories: Best Universal Welding Inverters Best Inverters for manual arc welding Best welding inverters-semi-automatic Buy a good welding inverter, so that it can be used at work, at home, and in the country, where 220V is not always the case — a difficult task. We will try to help […]

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types of welders jobs

How to Choose Welding Machine Types

How to Choose Welding Machine Types. The structure and operation. A welding machine is an electrical device with which welding is performed. It is this process that provides a long-lasting and reliable fastening of metal parts. With the help of welding, a huge number of works are performed in various fields, ranging from microelectronics to […]

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Types of welding machines

Types of welding machines   Advantages and disadvantages of devices, selection rules, rating of the best models: Modern welding machines amaze with their variety. There are a large number of types of welding machines on the market, from which each user can choose the best welding machine for effective and safe use. To do this, […]

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argon welding machine

What Is Argon Welding

Welding Technology    The expression “argon welding” adopted in everyday life is fundamentally incorrect. Argon itself is an inert gas and does not directly connect the two metal parts. There is another concept – welding in an inert environment, where argon or other gas serves as a protection and prevents the initialization of negative processes. […]

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