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All spares are Genuine OEM parts, ay competitive rates, and are fully guaranteed.

One of our Service Managers who will be delighted to assist in your specific requirements

Satisfaction Guaranteed !



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Professional Spares Support

Whatever your spares requirement, we can probably assist, whether from our own OEM base of BSA, CHURCHILL, HERBERT, MOSTANA, VIPER machines, or for other manufacturers machines including BOKO, and PITTLER.

We are also able to assist in the procurement of spare parts from other manufacturers.

All spares are GENUINE OEM parts at very competitive rates and come fully guaranteed.

 BSA Machine Tools Ltd is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

Omega CNC Turning Centre’s,   2, 3 & 4 Series CNC Lathes.
HC 2/10, HC3/15, HC4/10, HC4/25,
CTC 3, 4, 5, CNC Lathes.  HC 350, HC450, HC6/30 & HC 7/45.
Viper Range CNC Lathes


Single Spindle Automatics,  Type – 48, 88,98 & 168.
Multi Spindle Cam Automatics. Autoflex CNC Multi Spindle Automatics
1000 & 3000 CNC Lathes.  Gear Hobbers-R8/15, PH1612, PH2415,
Collets & Feeders.  PH3615, PH150 & PH250. Cam Manufacture.


Range of Centre Lathes and Gap Bed Lathes
Oil Country Lathes.
CNC Teach Lathes.


AL 10, AL20, AL30 & AL40 CNC Lathes, Husky CNC Lathes.
Batchmatic – 50/2, 75/250 & 350 CNC Models.
4 Senior, 5 Senior, 7 & 8 Preoptive Lathes, 9C30 Lathes.
2D Capstans, 3 Capstan & 4 Capstan Lathes.

OEM for HERBERT Single / Duplex Clutches

Key Benefits


Machine Tool Manufacturer:
Original OEM Spare Parts:
Experienced Spares and Service engineers:
Machine Manuals for all Products:
Quick & Efficient Spares Service:
Electrical/Electronic Spare parts.

Planned maintenance is a key to maintaining peak efficiency. Our Product Support Service Contract offers the flexibility with a comprehensive package of maintenance services that allow you to choose the options that suit your particular needs.

Contact:  Lee Greensall, Andy Donaldson or Debbie Carlin.

BSA Machine Tools Ltd,
Mackadown Lane Kitts Green, Birmingham, B33 0LE
Tel: +44 (0)121 783 4071 - Fax +44 (0)121 789 9509





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